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Actin Depot

The LOndon transports Museum's Acton depot is open this weekend, I went yesterday and was well impressed. It is open today from 11am and costs £8. I Q'd for about 15 minutes to get in, and this weekend there are a selection of model displays of London Transport as well as access to what essentially is the museums store room.

Access to a number of Tube trains is allowed, so one pretend to drive a variety of stock, but I found the model's used to show the public how something will look to be the most fascinating.

more details here, its a rare enough thing to be open, once or twice a year I think.


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LOEG Undergound

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil has a very nice parody of a London Underground map as the contributors page, shows how useful the map can be. Its quite wonderfully done, as is the whole graphic novel, truly an amazing piece of work, although not much tube action in the interior, but even so have a look at it.

I highly recommend it.

Now when you look...

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Fantasy Society Open Xmas Night

Myself and some mates are going to this open night, I understand there are usually a few London based Horror/Fantasy/Weird authors along.

It might be of some interest to you.
The BFS Christmas Open Night will take place on December 7th at Ye Olde Cock Tavern, 22 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AA in the upstairs bar from 6pm onwards.

Also, do ye know about this http://www.orbital2008.org/
Gaiman should be good and he has a tube connection, and I think Mievelles work is set in a city based on London.

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horror night

Last Wednesday waterstones gower street had a launch evening to coincide with the release of The mammoth Book of New Horror from 6:30PM - 8:00PM and it was Free.

This is the eighteenth volume (i think) and has a huge colection of fiction and articles on occurances of horror significance in 2006.

There were a real host of authors present and I was struck by the cross genre nature of Christopher Fowler, Michael Marshall Smith and Geoff Ryman who were joined by Mark Samuels and Don Tumasonis. MC for the evening was editor Stephen Jones.

Sanuels kicked off the evening with a wonderful Tube based horror story, I was impressed with the accuracy which added integrity to this piece. He read the beginning and immediately I thought of underground goth. He knows his underground.

Another story worthy of mention in the collection would be Kim Newmans The Man Who Got Off The Ghost Train, which is just an amazing piece of brilliant fiction, and despite my personal bias is a great addition.

There was considerable demand and the editor, Steve Jones ended the evening signing a last minute sale in the doorway of the shop as it closed, as the photo shows my mate getting his sig from Steve.


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sunday morning slumber

Found this map, its an old one showing how things would have been in 2016. I like it as already so much won't happen, like the uxbridge tram and crossrail having been curtailed.


meanwhile, as I am from Ireland, country of no tube but much ingenuity and necessity mothering many a recycled invention, I took this picture, and its still odd looking. Sorry its not tube related, but can you imagine.