acton open weekend
This weekend, London transport museums depot at Acton has it's open days and also modellers display.

Well worth a visit.


Depot open day.
Family Open Weekend at London Transport Museum's Acton Depot 1st and 2nd of November. Might be of interest.


How they do it in Taipei.
nice cup of tea and a sit down, gosh!, news

(not very gothy, admittedly ... not in the least, really)

Actin Depot
The LOndon transports Museum's Acton depot is open this weekend, I went yesterday and was well impressed. It is open today from 11am and costs £8. I Q'd for about 15 minutes to get in, and this weekend there are a selection of model displays of London Transport as well as access to what essentially is the museums store room.

Access to a number of Tube trains is allowed, so one pretend to drive a variety of stock, but I found the model's used to show the public how something will look to be the most fascinating.

more details here, its a rare enough thing to be open, once or twice a year I think.



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