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undergroundgoth's Journal

Underground Goths
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This is the community, principally for Goths though others are welcome, for Underground workers and those interested in the world's oldest metro system, its history and those who run it.

Regular articles on lost underground stations as well as discussion of different aspects of the Underground will be discussed here on a regular basis.

Please note: This is a moderated community, and both moderators keep a close eye on things. Posts that are not on topic will be deleted; posting of quiz results is not allowed. Persistant offenders will be banned.

Disclaimer: This community has in no way, shape or form been endorsed by London Underground Ltd. It is a purely unofficial "fan" site designed with the intent of fostering greater awareness of the Underground and its rich and varied history. Any and all opinions expressed in this community are soley those of the respective authors and should in no way be construed as official LUL policy.

Those looking for an "official" site are referred to TheTube.com.